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Pet Food Processing Line
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This processing line is specially designed to produce daily food and healthy food for every kind of cat and dog. Adopting pre-conditioning system for raw material, it can increase capacity and reduce power consumption. This line would satisfy different demands for capacity and quality. At the same time, we focus on palatability and scientific nutritional proportion, which make pet food more easily digested and absorbed. On base of this line, we would like to reach a multi-level and comprehensive cooperation with every client in this trade.

Dog food production line & Cat food production line & Fish food production line

Equipment Project
Console ② Double-screw extruderAir conveyor ④ Three-layer roasting oven ⑤ Elevator ⑥ Flavoring line  ⑦  Elevator ⑧  Cooling conveyor

Applied Materials
corn flour, rice meal, millet flour, starch and all other kinds of grain


Technical Parameters:

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