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Bread Crumbs Processing Line
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Bread crumb is widely used in coating on surface of meat steak, fish steak, pumpkin pie and other fried food, which can reduce loss of inside water to make fried food more crisp and tender. Our company cancell old traditional baking technics and adopts advanced electrode baking technology to process Japanese crumb with high capacity and low consumption. Japanese bread crumb looks like prickling shape and tastes more loosen. Coated with Japanese crumb, fried food would be warmly welcomed by all clients with golden shining skin and without brown color.

Equipment Project
1 Dough Maker  2 Dough Rounder  3 Box Cart  4 Electrode Baking Oven  5 Cooling Frame  6 Pulverizer  7 Belt Conveyor  8 Vibrating Sizer 9 Dryer


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