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Meat Products Processing Line
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Mini Automatic Hamburger Processing line can automatically finish the forming, battering, flouring, crumbing procedures. This line shares the reputation of high automation, mini size and easy operation. End products include popular hamburger, chicken nuggets, chicken or beef steak, pumpkin or potato patty etc. It is becoming the most ideal choice for  snack bar, distribution center and food factories.
Applied material: Meat (poultry, beef, mutton, pork, etc), Seafood (fish, shrimp), Vegetable (potato, pumpkin, green bean), Cheese and other mixed materials.

Equipment Project
① Battering Machine  ② Automatic Hamburger Forming Machine  ③ Crumbing Machine  ④ Flouring Machine 

Applied Materials
meat (fowl, beef, mutton, pork, etc), aquatic products (fish, shrimp, etc), vegetables (potato, pumpkin, green soybean, etc), cheese and their mixture.


Technical Parameters:

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