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Homemade Beer Processing Line
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Qidong company is a professional beer equipment and service manufac-turer, providing large/medium/small-sized beer processing equipments, supplemen-tary facilities, control system, brewing materials and technical training for brewery, hotel,  beer bar,  teaching laboratory.

Our Homemade beer processing line contains luxurious outlook, meticulous workmanship, excellent performance and easy operation. According to complete Munich brewing law, it can brew wheat, barley, black, green beer and various fruit beer. Their pure taste and flavor enjoy high favor among all consumers. We develop the first intelligent computerized brewing system in this trade to save time and energy. Our company owns top technician team, advanced brewing technology, professional skilled workers, complete process equipments and improved after-sale service to ensure your short lead time.


Equipment Project
1 Pulverizing System  2 Saccharification System  3 Fermentation System  4 Hot Exchange & Cooling System  5 Washing & Sterlizing System  6 Controlling System  7 Beer Sale System  8 Water Treatment System



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